A bookplate - is a part of book culture, a sign of love and respect for the book. Such a gift is suitable for someone who appreciates and loves a book, carefully keeps it in their library.

For three years of work, we have made more than 1500 seals, more than 500 works are presented in the gallery on our website. These are ready-made layouts and individual designs. All stages of bookplates production: from a pencil sketch to a final impression are under strict control of a customer. We take into account all comments, supplementing and correcting the sketch up to its approval.

We deliberately don't make prints from faceless plastic. Giving preference to beech as a strong and durable material, we understand that it is pleasant to hold such a seal in your hands, to keep it in a family. The pliable but durable wood retains well for many years thanks to its varnishing.

In our work we use rubber, not polymer. We want Your stamp to serve You for many years without losing its quality.

We apply branded or individual engraving to the tooling. Tooling options without engraving are also available.

We pack Your stamp and proudly affix our trademark stamp to the box. Your stamp has checked, assembled and ready to ship!

One can get acquainted with a part of the portfolio of bookplates made by us for adults below, and for children here.

Prices for stamps and development of bookplates are here

There are even more of our works, stories of its creation and customer reviews in our group at instagramm, dedicated to bookplates.