Child's custom exlibrises

In our time, the use of unique bookplates is an infrequent tradition. But it has not outlived itself, just as love for a paper book cannot outlive itself. It has transformed: the idea of bookplates still attracts a certain group of people, but now these people are united not by wealth or titles. They are connected by their attitude to theirs home libraries. They select each book with intelligence and love, they preserve the culture of reading in their family. Children of these parents know that under the cover are not just pages covered in typographic ink, but also cozy stories and incredible adventures. And if a book contains a bookplate, then this adventure might become for a child his own. A sign, which reflects the hobbies of the little reader, or his character, or a dream, or a favorite image, as if says: "I am not a simple book, but a special one - yours."

Small part of our portfolio of custom child's exlibrises is below and adult's portfolio is here.

Take a look on our ready layouts for children

Prices for stamps and development of bookplates are here

There are even more of our works, stories of its creation and customer reviews in our group at instagramm, dedicated to bookplates.

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