About us

Hi, I'm Olga! Me and my team are a Star seller on Etsy so you can read reviews there and be confident, that everything is gonna be ok) 

This workshop is a place where stamps are created for creative people. For five years we have been approached by joiners and leather craftsmans, puppeteers and knitters, farmers and writers, seamstresses and teachers... Each individuality, hobby or profession is embodied in a personal Artisan mark, Coat of Arms or Exlibris! Stamping is the easiest way to decorate a packaging, decorate a label and remind a customer about yourself again. The "Artisan mark" will allow you to complement a "signature style" and turn a faceless wrapper into a design element! Put your mark on leather or woodcrafts, labels or tags, boxes, paper etc - wherever you need your signature style. Our team of illustrators will develop a design based on your description or sketch. Take a look at our gallery of works and make sure: we managed to embody the most complex and detailed ideas! 

Discuss all the details with us! We love to work on a sketch with you. The better we understand each other, the more accurately your idea will be embodied in the impression. What meaning do you put into images? How the impression will be used? Describe it in detail or briefly, and we will hear You!

There are even more of our works, stories of its creation and customer reviews in our group at instagramm