Custom wax seals portfolio

Traditionally, craftsmen order seals from us for sealing wax with monogram initials or with a simplified logo. We could also make a design based on your task with key points.

Sealing wax is warming up in a separate container on fire or on a stove. It is important to ensure that the sealing wax does not got on a hot surface or drip into the fire! Therefore, sides of the container should be quite high.

The easiest way to work with sealing wax is not to make it boil. Boiling sealing wax becomes too liquid and does not hold the impression. The ideal consistency of sealing wax is reminiscent of dough for shortbread cookies.

Price for wax seals:
       Size & shape    Wax seal's price                Design of stamp
Circular 1" (25mm) 17$

Ready layout (ai/cdr) - free

Text without image - 5$

  Converting jpg into ai/cdr - 12$  

Custom design by task - 25$

Circular 1.18" (30mm) 22$
Circular 1.38" (35mm) 
Circular 1.58" (40mm)
Circular 1.77" (45mm)
Circular 1.97" (50mm)
Circular 2.17" (55mm)


any other shape request a quote
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