Seals for chocolate

Our customers-confectioners are tireless craftsmen who create amazingly delicious artistic products! Especially for them, our assortment includes seals for chocolate, which are also suitable for cookies and icing. Cliché for them, as well as for many of our stamps, are made of brass.

Chocolate is an exquisite and capricious material. Craftsmen have to to be a little tricky when working with it. For example, did You know that dealing with white and dark chocolate should differ from each other? Dark chocolate is heated up to 30 °C, while for white and milk chocolate is enough to have 27 °C temperature. It is very important to maintain working temperature of chocolate!

To prevent chocolate from sticking to a seal, cliche is cooled in a bowl of ice. In the room where the master works, it should also not be too hot - so that the chocolate could harden.

It is not difficult to remember these techniques, but in practice it requires manual dexterity and proper confectioner experience. This is the only way to get real sweet magic! We can make cliches of almost any size and regular shape (square / oval / circle)

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