Brand irons for ceramics and clay

We offer branding iron stamps for making logo on your ceramics or clay crafts. We can develop design by your task, use one of our ready-made layouts or make a stamp based on your logo.

The head of branding iron is made of brass. 

  • The depth of brass head is 0,47" (12mm),
  • The depth of engraving is 0,12" (3mm),
  • Engrave line's thickness starting from 0.2mm,
  • Hole with female screw M8 is included in price (could be M6 or M10 on demand),
  • Contour trimming of brass head is included in price

Please pay attention to the fact that black lines on a layout, transferred to the metal, will leave an indentation impression on clay.

Price of the branding iron depends on its square. We could produce any size for you. 

Term of development of our layout design is usually 4 days. Term of production time on a finished layout is 5 working days.

Price of branding irons for ceramica or clay:
     Stamp's square         Price of brass head       Handle   
up to 1.5"² (9sm²) 35$ 2$
1.5 - 2.9"² (19sm²) 40$
3 - 3.7"² (24sm²) 45$
3.8 - 4.5"² (29sm²) 55$
4.6 - 5.3"² (34sm²) 65$
5.4 - 6"² (39sm²) 70$
6.1 - 6.8"² (44sm²) 75$
6.9 - 8"² (50sm²) 80$
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